Heating and Cooling Installation

Sometimes the worst happens and you need a new air conditioner or furnace. No need to worry, ER Air is here to get you going again! With our new financing option, we are now able to soften the blow from the air conditioning or furnace going out. Get a free quote today and make sure to mention the new financing option!

Heating and Cooling Maintenance

When it comes to the heating and cooling systems in your home, the best way to keep them working properly and improve their longevity is with regularly scheduled HVAC maintenance. However, without the right tools and training, there are limits to what homeowners can do on their own.

At ER Air, we take the stress and worry out of the process with our professional air conditioner and furnace cleaning and maintenance services. We proudly offer residential HVAC cleaning throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas. With regular service, we can ensure that your systems work when you need them to – keeping your home safe and comfortable all year round.

As part of our professional air conditioner maintenance service, we will first check and tighten all electrical connections and ensure proper voltage on your systems. By doing this, we can prevent unsafe operation and possible damage to your system and home.

Heating and Cooling Cleaning

We then clean the evaporator and condenser coils – which allows them to function more efficiently. When your coils are covered in dirt and dust, they cause the system to run longer, meaning more long-term wear on your system and increased energy costs.

Our technicians also check the refrigerant level and make adjustments as needed, and then they clean the blower components to make sure there is proper airflow coming from your system.

From start to finish, our technicians will explain the process and show you the results of this necessary service. With our air conditioner cleaning service and professional adjustments made to your system, we will significantly improve efficiency and reduce your energy costs.

Furnace Cleaning and Maintenance

Just as your cooling system can be improved with regular maintenance, your heating system can also become more efficient and effective with a professional furnace cleaning and maintenance service. Our trained technicians will check all connections on your furnace, tightening, repairing, or repairing faulty connections to prevent fire hazards.

We also check the burner and heat exchanger for dirt, debris, or cracks. Our complete furnace cleaning and maintenance service will help you keep your home warm through even the coldest Chicago winters.

Air Conditioner and Furnace Cleaning in Chicago and Chicagoland

We recommend regular HVAC cleaning to keep those systems running efficiently – your air conditioner cleaning and maintenance in the spring before the weather becomes too warm, and your furnace cleaning and maintenance in the fall before the cold weather settles in. To schedule your HVAC maintenance service, contact us today at ER Air. Our Chicago technicians are here and ready to help you.